NBO's AGM 2016

On 23rd March 2016 at 7:30pm, the Northern Baroque Orchestra will hold its Annual General Meeting at St Aidan's Church, Rochdale. This is the best opportunity in the year for members, patrons and other interested parties to hear about the orchestra's plans and to feed in thoughts and ideas.

At the AGM, we will be electing officers for the NBO committee. This time around, we have a few vacancies to fill due to restructuring and people wishing to step down: the Chair, Minutes Secretary and Patrons' Secretary. These roles are not restricted to playing members: former players, Patrons and audience members are welcome to put themselves forward for any of these roles - please contact us to do so.

To help with the overall management of the orchestra and to comply with our constitution, we will be electing a Chair to give a strong lead in meetings and to ensure good and timely decisions are made. This role is being separated from that of Leader, which will be retained by Donald Clarke to allow him to continue to organise players and choose repertoire.

Our previous Minutes Secretary, Robin Pennie, has decided the time has come for him to step down from the committee. This means we need someone to attend our meetings and write up the minutes: we tend to hold just two committee meetings and an AGM each year, so the task is not too onerous.

Along with Robin, Sarah Pennie has also decided to retire as Patrons' Secretary. This role involves communicating with the Patrons and collecting their annual subscriptions: it is a crucial one, as the Patrons provide the largest part of the orchestra's income and are a key source of audience for concerts.

Along with filling the above posts, we will also be discussing our forthcoming concerts, including the next one on Saturday 2nd July and the following one in November (date to be announced).

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